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Purr-Fect Groomer

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What is the Purr-Fect Groomer?

The Purr-Fect Groomer was created to reduce the amount of cat hair you have in your home. It is an innovative cat grooming system that contains both food and water dispensers (approx. size 20″ diameter and 16″ tall).

How Does It Work?

As your cat enters the Purr-Fect Groomer to get to their food and water your cat goes through two soft grooming discs. These grooming discs groom your cat’s fur and removes the loose hair every time your cat enters and exits the Purr-Fect Groomer. There are two grooming discs in the Purr-Fect Groomer so your cat will be groomed twice going in and twice coming out of the Purr-Fect Groomer. The loose cat hair that your cat sheds is now captured and removed by the grooming discs so this cat hair does not end up in your home. When the grooming discs are full you simply throw them away and replace them with new ones.


  • Automatically grooms your cat’s fur and reduces brushing.
  • Disposable Groomer Discs for easy cleanup.
  • Integrated food and water dispensers for no mess feeding.
  • Less cat hair on your floors, furniture, carpet, and clothes.
  • Helps people who suffer with cat hair allergies.
  • Reduces cat hairballs.
  • Keeps your dogs from eating your cat’s food.